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Tufts announces fall 2022 semester plans
Gordon Institute

Technology moves quickly.

With Tufts Gordon Institute, so can your career.

Even in today's digital age, tech-driven organizations are powered by people.

That’s why the Tufts Gordon Institute develops leaders.

Leaders with hands-on experience into the entire business cycle. Those who want to drive high-impact change and make the world a better place. Innovators with practical business skills that are hard to learn on the job, like strategic problem solving and data-driven decision making.

Tufts Gordon Institute provides knowledge right when you need it, from workshops to full degree programs. All taught by faculty with industry experience. So you can lead teams, deliver new products within a Fortune 500 company, or even launch your own venture.



Be a part of our Engineering Management community, on-campus or online.





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Three MSEM alums, currently senior leaders at top companies in life sciences, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals, came together for a discussion on how they accelerated their careers.

Past $100k Winners Forge Ahead in Times of Uncertainty, Sharing Lessons from the Field

In a panel, past $100k New Ventures Competition Winners discuss how the startup landscape has changed in the era of a pandemic and how others can navigate these circumstances.

Bringing Industry to the Classroom: A Board Director’s Perspective

Professor of the Practice Frank Apeseche brings his experience spanning across decades and industries into the classroom to develop highly sought-after skills in Tufts students.


To develop refined, in-demand skills, Online MSEM students created solutions to unmet needs for seven weeks before presenting to industry-leading faculty.


For Chris Rafferty, MSEM ’18, the MS in Engineering Management program showed him how he could use newfound knowledge on leadership to propel his journey forward.


Socially Distant, Not Disconnected: Creating & Managing Remote Team Culture

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Founder's Workshop: Entrepreneurship Through COVID-19